Everclear Pool and Backyards

Building Backyards of Distinction Since 1998

About Us

Everclear Pool and Backyards Company is a licensed and fully insured custom backyard builder. I started the company in March 1998 as a swimming pool service company. In the beginning I alone serviced pools, installed liners, and did small repairs. It was quite a simple start.
My passion for learning and just a creative urge led me towards more and more ambitious projects with each season. By the year 2000 we were building complete swimming pool projects. Our start was with vinyl liner pools and I took pride in creating projects that were on the cutting edge. One of my earliest projects even included a vinyl liner pool that I custom designed and built with an island in the middle of it.

I constantly pushed the limits in the liner pool realm by designing and creating swimming pools that were limited by nothing but an imaginative mind. We built extremely natural pools with tanning shelves and benches much like a concrete pool would have. But as the years went on and the projects grew larger, I soon realized that the limitless world of concrete truly had no boundaries.
A world with no creative boundaries is the world I fit best in. A backyard, your backyard, should be whatever your imagination conjures up. It should be the place you see you and your family spending quality time together. Finding the right “fit” for your project is also very important. It’s always valuable to assess exactly what your family’s needs are verses wants. Your grandparent’s pool was probably built with a deep end and a diving board and was rectangular in shape, which is fine for the family that truly wants that, but pools have changed and today we see more and more sport-type pools designed to be the ultimate recreation spot. Standing and sitting is also a big part of pool enjoyment so a clear assessment of your family habits is a good start. We try to discover as much as we can when beginning a project so everyone has exactly what they need in the end.

Materials and design are a very important part of every project. Just like a great movie, it’s important to “cast” the right people and the right background for your endeavor. At Everclear Pool and Backyards we try to do as much as possible in house in order to maintain quality control. However, we posses a Residential/Small Commercial contractor’s license that allows us to secure all applicable permits and complete a comprehensive project from start to finish using a wide array of subcontractors, depending on the size and scope of the project. Each site requires different tasks performed and based on several criteria the proper subcontractors will be chosen if our own crew cannot complete certain tasks.
Since the beginning of our existence as a company we have grown exponentially each year. By 2008 we opened our first Design Center, a small brick and mortar in East Brainerd that we completely renovated. It served us well for several years. But just as the new economy was taking a downturn we expanded to a better location with twice the space. Again, we completely gutted the interior and created a beautiful design space. We have hundreds of tile samples, interior finishes, deck finishes, among many other pieces to help you design the backyard of your dreams.

Chattanooga, TN is an exciting place to live right now and backyards are an exciting part of every home. The living room has made its way just outside the perimeters of the house and even the “man cave” has managed to break down walls and take on a more open air feel located in the backyard area. Outdoor Living is how we live today. Fire features have also become a huge part of the backyard. Fire pits and/or fireplaces are built into one out of every five backyards we build. Fire bowls and other gas amenities have become commonplace as well in most of our design plans. Some type of water feature, even smaller ones, provide a relaxing sound that completes the outdoor experience.